Savvy Caregiver 6-week Workshop

November 7, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
49 Blackburn Center
Gloucester, MA 01930
Beverly Flanagan

The Savvy Caregiver program is a 6 week training program for caregivers who care for someone with Alzheimer’s or Related Dementias. The program is facilitated by 1 or 2 trained Practitioners. It is based on the notion that family members who become caregivers need to be trained to assume a new role- caregiving- for which they are unprepared and untrained. Throughout the program- and laced through the various program materials such as the Caregiver’s Manual- the central concept that is emphasized is the notion of strategy. Caregivers will be urged to learn, develop and modify their strategies so they can accomplish their role of caregiving- which includes the contented involvement of the person they care for. The program builds information and knowledge about the illness, developing skills to manage daily life, and fosters a different attitude towards caregiving. The program is geared to informal caregivers of those either living at home or planning to return home, and in a moderate stage of illness.

For Hands-on Family Caregivers

This program goes beyond introductory education offerings. Based on research by experts in caregiving techniques, this multi week course from the Alzheimer’s Association will provide clinical-level training for family caregivers. Participants will graduate with:

  • Enhanced knowledge, skills and caregiving outlook
  • Skills to assess the abilities of your loved one with dementia
  • Confidence to set and alter caregiving goals
  • Strategies to manage activities of daily living
  • Perspective on the course of Alzheimer’s and related disorders

Registration required to attend, walk-ins will not be allowed to attend.

All classes are free!