SeniorCare Needs Your Help to Allow Seniors to Remain in Their Homes



SeniorCare needs your help to continue helping our friends– like Mary. On Giving Tuesday-November 29, 2016, please consider pledging to donate $10 per month for one year. When 80 donors make this pledge, the cost of Mary’s services will be covered for one year-ensuring that Mary can safely remain in her home for as long as possible.Thank you.

Mary’s Story

Mary is a bright, energetic, warm 85 year old woman. She retired 20 years ago after teaching third grade for 40 years. Mary chuckles when she mentions that her oldest great-granddaughter just entered third grade. Mary lives alone in the house she and her husband James raised their three children. James died shortly after she retired. It’s been almost 20 years and Mary still tears up when she talks about James. All of her kids live out of state. Jenny, Mary’s youngest, lives a two hour drive away. The others live a five hour plane ride away. Jenny visits monthly. John, the oldest, and Megan, the youngest and their respective families visit every Christmas. They all call at least weekly.

Over the last few months they each noticed a decline in Mary’s natural jovial mood. They had begun to talk with each other about it. Around the same time, during a visit, Jenny noticed her mom’s laundry had piled up and Mary’s usually meticulously clean house, was not as clean. After much sibling conversing and worry, Jenny was assigned the task of asking her mom about these new circumstances. With great sadness, Mary was quite forthcoming. She no longer had the strength to clean or do her laundry regularly. Jenny asked if she wanted to move in with her and her family. Adamantly, Mary declined the offer, saying that she didn’t want to leave her home or her friends and neighbors.givingtuesday2016-a

Worried, but wanting to respect her mother’s wishes, Jenny had heard about SeniorCare and called. After a SeniorCare Information and Referral specialist spoke with Jenny and Mary on the phone, SeniorCare sent a Care Manager to assess Mary’s situation. After an hour long conversation with Jenny and Mary, SeniorCare set a plan in motion. For over a year now, Mary has received two hours of homemaking services and three hours of personal care each week. Mary has also enjoyed a daily visit from the Meals on Wheels driver who delivers her a hot nutritious meal Monday through Friday. Mary’s mood has markedly improved, and she is grateful her house is clean and her laundry is done regularly.

At the six month visit from her Care Manager, it was discovered that Mary was falling behind on opening mail and paying her bills. So SeniorCare connected Mary with a SeniorCare Money Management volunteer who now visits Mary monthly. Together they open the mail and pay all the bills. Mary is very much looking forward to the upcoming holidays when the house will be filled with family – she is especially looking forward to enjoying her youngest great-grandchild, who she has not yet met.

Thank you to BankGloucester, who is partnering with SeniorCare on #GivingTuesday with a challenge gift.